Batch Leaders

We have listed following ex-students as the Batch Leaders
We strongly believe that these Batch leaders are the Key to our success for all future activities

Key Roles and Responsibilities of each batch leader

  1. Personally call, reach out creatively each and every class mate
  2. Explain them about our alumni and activities and motivate them to enroll as a member and attend the 7th Aug function
  3. Request them to financially support the Alumni and collect their membership fees and donations to the charity fund and deposit with treasurer
  4. We have several batches without a batch leader. Each of the batch leader below is to get atleast 2 leaders per batch

1987 Ashok Agarwal
1987 Manoj Kaushik
1988 Ganesh Tanpure
1989 Dutta Phuge
1988 Pramod Pathare
1988 Sunil Bhaskar
1989 Ajit Gavhane
1989 Madhuri Chavan/Khanzhode
1989 Madhuri Dangi/Kasat
1990 Rajesh Ghungarde
1991 Mangesh Bhase
1991 Sugan Rajpurohit
1991 Santosh Dharmavat
1992 Ganesh Toke
1992 Sachin Landge
1992 Umesh Kasurkar
1992 Harshal Thorve
1993 Shailesh Pawar
1993 Shambhu Pawar
1993 Rajesh Panchal
1994 Need first volunteer
1994 Need second volunteer
1995 Need first volunteer
1995 Need second volunteer
1996 Nilesh Kalpande
1996 Mahendra Mane
1997 Rahul Natak
1997 Rahul Bhore
1998 Mansoor Sheikh
1998 Dutta Gavhane
1998 Deepak Mungse
1998 Sumeet Tambi
1999 Shrikant Shetty
1999 Need second volunteer
2000 Need first volunteer
2000 Need second volunteer
2001 Need first volunteer
2001 Need second volunteer
2002 Need first volunteer
2002 Need second volunteer
2003 Need first volunteer
2003 Need second volunteer
2004 Need first volunteer
2004 Need second volunteer
2005 Need first volunteer
2005 Need second volunteer
2006 Need first volunteer
2006 Need second volunteer
2007 Need first volunteer
2007 Need second volunteer
2008 Need first volunteer
2008 Need second volunteer
2009 Need first volunteer
2009 Need second volunteer