Siddheshwar Alumni Charitable Fund

The Alumni appeals all the ex-students to generously donate funds towards charitable activities. We plan to carry out activities that support social cause, helps our ex-students, ex-teachers and such activities.

We are collecting funds in two buckets
1. Annual Membership fees to be paid by every ex-student/member as Rs 1000/- minimum
2. Donations of minimum 5000/- towards charitable and other Alumni activities. We have received donations to the tune of 25,000/- here.

Please be generous and help with financial support for this noble cause. The goal is to build a very strong platform for our ex-students community.

Please click here to fill up a form and submit your donation

Please click here to view the current donations pledged by various students. This list is automatically updated after every 5 minutes.

If your friends wish to contribute but have no internet access, they can contact

  • Sunil Bhaskar 9225614131 moc.liamffider|secivresnoki#moc.liamffider|secivresnoki, moc.liamg|enupnoki#moc.liamg|enupnoki
    • Parishram 2, Opp Modern Tailors, Sandvik Colony Road, Bhosari, Pune 411039