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Hi Manoj.

We can open a Placement Club like, as we all ex- students are working in well corporate sector and MNC Company, Thru this we can help our junior and up coming student from our school to get job opportunities thru us.

The Times of India

Placement Club.. by domnic1512domnic1512, 12 Aug 2011 04:39

Here is a sample suggestion. If you want to start a new suggestion, start a new thread and every one can respond to it

Sample Suggestion1 by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 10 Aug 2011 09:53

Thanks for your suggestion. I think its a good idea. This will help bind people together. There are a lot of doctors in our alumni so it will be a lot easier. Now that our first program is over, may be its time for a new set of volunteers to come together and drive this blood donation camp. That way, it will help keep and build the momentum that has started. Do you want to take lead here ?

Re: Suggestions for Alumni by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 10 Aug 2011 01:14

Mr Manoj can we have a blood donation camp, in the tribute to our respected sir P K Kulkarni.
as i think we will get a great response from our freinds , ex-students, teachers, & others, this event will make Siddheshwaralumni group more popular for all the new members. i request everybody pls mention your BLOOD GROUP IN YOUR ENTRY. THANKS

Re: Suggestions for Alumni by RATANRAJRATANRAJ, 09 Aug 2011 12:43

Thanks for this post. Pls ensure that you click on the Alumni section, look at the list and these names and phone numbers are listed there. If some are missing, pls fill up the form and the names would be updated automatically

Ratansingh Rajpurohit 9960003933
Arvind Walunj 9822960387
Bharti Shinde 9967250731
Datta Phuge 9271292772
Ganesh Tanpure 9922094212.
Jeevan Borde 9226361516
Mahendra Patil 9922408571
Nilesh Wagh 9850656137
Pramod Pathare 9552421142
Rajendra Havale 9890095650 .
Rakesh Bhagat 9822792668
Sanjay Landge 9767972693
Sunil Bhaskar 9822117094
Neena Jagdhane
Balkrishan Saini
Chandrakanth Kolekar
Manohar Khatarmal
Pradeep Lama

Pls try best to connect with all your class mates of your batch and 2 batched before and after you. We need this message to reach out to all folks.

Right now, we are struggling with just 150. This is not enough for a full blown gathering

I am not available in Pune around this time. Is there any plan of streaming live video of the event. Also let me know if there is any which way I can help.



We are planning the get together on 7th Aug 2011. We are trying to pick a SUNDAY.

Please respond here with your comments, views, availability etc. Based on it, we can proceed with our arrangements.

Ex-Students Get together by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 09 Jul 2011 10:01

Chandrashekar Kalshetty

Re: 1991 Batch by Chandu AngadiChandu Angadi, 09 Jun 2011 10:43

Kiran Shinde
Vijay Pardesi
Sanjay Jagdale

Re: 1991 Batch by Chandu AngadiChandu Angadi, 26 May 2011 13:09

List__ of students for 1990 batch__

1) Laxmikant Rokhade
2) Sunil Patole
3) Late. Dildar Rasal
4) Ibrar Ali Khan
5) Dinesh Rajput
6) Shyam Nair
7) Sunil Nair
8) Uday B Shetty
9) Sumitra Shetty
10) Sandhya Alhat
11) Rajesh Ghungarde
12) Rupali B
13) Archana Ghavane
14) Pravin Panchal
15) Pravin Agarwal
16) Parayalal Dharmavat
17) Yogita
18) Sangeeta Bomble
19) Munjanath Gunder
20) Umesh Ingole
21) Mangesh Bhase
22) Damayanti Doke
23) Prakash Tiwari
24) Deepak Singh
25) Parshuram Prasad
26) Manoj Patil


sunil's address is out here on the website where are asking folks to fill out the form for donations… else go to alumni list and get his mobile number and call him up

Re: 15-May-2011 by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 19 May 2011 10:37

WoW a well rounded off summary to presumably vibrant meeting. I agree to all the points on which feedback is sought.

As regards disbursement of funds to P.K. Sir's family, I agree to any method accepted by the team. I, however, wish to suggest that it will be better if we can get an insight into their family status thru someone as like what are their immediate requirements to be fulfilled. Rest taking care of thier long term requirements is a definite priority.

Please provide Sunil Bhaskar's address or guide me if it is already posted somewhere on the site.

On a lighter side … why is item 5 appearing twice in minutes of meeting :-)

Cheers !


Re: 15-May-2011 by Chandu AngadiChandu Angadi, 19 May 2011 09:57

Currently Manoj is the administrator of this website. However, it makes sense to have more than 1 administrator. Of course, we don't want too many administrators.

The reason to have more than 1 is to have good control. At peak times, Manoj may be too busy with his professional duties and it may result into bottlenecks.

If we can have 1 more volunteer, that would be great. Must be computer savvy and understand the web 2.0 / wiki admin tasks, a little bit of web programming, html or related exposure is desirable ( not must).

Admin of this website by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 16 May 2011 05:02


The traffic and content on this website is increasing. May be we should relook at some security issues

Pls comment here if you have issues about listing your phone and email id's on this public website, especially women

Anil Patil
Peterson Jagdale
Krupavati Aacharya
Tarkeshwari Dolas
Jayshree Choughule
Santosh Dharmavat
Merunissa Shaikh
Smita Bhurewar
Dnyaneshwar Shivle
Shashikant Dhumbre
Rajaram Dhole
Rakhi Kristi

Re: 1991 Batch by Sugan RajpurohitSugan Rajpurohit, 14 May 2011 08:13
Manoj PatilManoj Patil 14 May 2011 06:30
in discussion Alumni / Minutes of Meeting » 15-May-2011

Date : Tom, 15th May 2011
Time : SHARP 10AM please
Venue: Landewadi College ( Just next to the petrol pump, Opp Amphetronix)
Contact: Pls call me if you cannot find the location

Manoj Patil, Ajit Gavhane, Ibrar Ali Khan, Laxmikant Rokhade, S N Dahwaleshwar, Mangesh Bhase, Pramod Pathare, Sunil Bhaskar, Ganesh Tanpure, Santosh Dharmavat, Yogesh Ghate, Sugan RajPurohit(Sevad), Rajesh Ghungarde

1. Collection of funds / cheque for Late P K Sir's Charity fund
2. Bank account status for Charity fund
3. Discuss the formation of the Ex Students Association formally, registration formality etc
4. Discuss how to reach all the Ex students and drive the association members.
5. Discuss time, date and details for the first RE-Union of all the Ex-Students at Bhosari Theatre

If you are not able to attend due to un-avoidable circumstances, request you to participate online on our website. Please visit the forums and drop your comments for each of the agenda points listed above so that we will consider it during the meeting.

1. We will ask Rs 1000/- as membership fee for the Alumni on a yearly basis
A formal Alumni will be registered, new bank account opened and collect funds in that account.
Pramod Pathare has volunteered to lead this activity with support of other members.

2. It was decided that we will take advise of our Sir S N Dhawleshwar and also our Ex teachers as the advisor for this alumni.

3. It was decided we students will strive best to collect Rs 2L towards charity funds for Mr P K Kulkarni. We will also pursue our dear Bhairgond Sir to significantly donate to this cause.

4. For any amount that exceeds Rs 2L towards donations for this charity, funds will be deposited in the Alumni. These funds will be used for other charity requirements in the future.

5. Right now the focus should be on collecting funds for the Alumni and increase the membership.

5. Regarding exact mode, method and amount of payment to P K Sir's family we need to discuss and invite suggestions from all members. We will continue to discuss this in following meetings while we continue to collect funds. Suggestions are welcome. Some ideas are
a) Out of the 2.5L to 3L expected payment, we will pay 1L upfront so that the family can take care of urgent expense items
b) Reserve 1L for education for P K Sir's Son and payment when the College fees and expenses are due
c) Any amount that is left over could be fixed for P K Sir's daughter marriage etc.
The Alumni will invest these funds in Fixed deposits.
The reason behind this part payment was to ensure that the real purpose of this mission was accomplished.

6. For outstation candidates, pls courier your cheques to Mr Sunil Bhaskar's address

15-May-2011 by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 14 May 2011 06:30

Dear All

Pls get cash / cheque for the meeting tom. Also, if you have not yet confirmed your amount, pls fill up the form on this website and get / send cash tom

Re: Donations Requested by Manoj PatilManoj Patil, 14 May 2011 06:25

Great effort, Manoj!
Will pass on the link to other friends as well. Nice way to connect with all the school mates…Thanx once again for the wonderful idea…..cheerio!!!

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